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Punjab, 141001, India

managementAbout DMCH

Dayanand Medical College & Hospital (DMC&H) Ludhiana, Punjab, India, is a 1625-bed tertiary care, NABH-accredited teaching hospital in North India, affiliated with the Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Faridkot, Punjab, recognised by NMC.

The institution has an imposing complex of modern buildings and is equipped with all kinds of modern facilities for providing excellent care to patients and training to undergraduate and postgraduate students. All the clinical departments, along with the diagnostic laboratories, provide round-the-clock service at the campus


  • To provide medical care with compassion and competence
  • To deliver the highest standards of education in medical and allied fields
  • To continuously strive for quality improvement


  • To be a model of excellence in healthcare, medical education, and research


  • Excellence—as a person, as a professional, and in patient satisfaction
  • Teamwork: combined effort, cooperation, and coordination among team members
  • Integrity: true sincerity, complete honesty, and trustworthiness
  • Care—for the patient, for each other, and for the organization  


Historical Background

Dr. Banarsi Das Soni, formerly Captain in the Indian Medical Service (I.M.S.), possessed a fervent commitment to medical education and patient care. His vision was to establish a medical school aimed at training doctors and delivering essential healthcare services. In 1934, this visionary idea materialized into the Arya Medical School, with only 20 students for the LSMF (Diploma of Punjab State Medical Faculty) in a rented facility at Civil Lines, Ludhiana.

In 1936, the management transitioned to Arya Samaj, Ludhiana, under the auspices of Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Punjab. A separate administrative body, designated by the Management Committee of Arya High School in Ludhiana, was responsible for supervising the activities of the medical school. The Arya Medical School shifted to its own premises, later known as the Old Dayanand Medical College & Hospital, in 1937.

Recognition for LSMF and the operation of an affiliated hospital was granted to the medical school in 1938. Subsequently, the institution was renamed as "Dayanand Hospital".

In 1964, adhering to government regulations, “Dayanand Hospital” evolved into a comprehensive MBBS college, officially named Dayanand Medical College. The management of the college was entrusted to a distinguished group from Ludhiana, who formed the "Managing Society of Dayanand Medical College & Hospital," with the esteemed Late Sh. H. R. Dhanda serving as its founding president.

  Today, the college holds recognition from the National Medical Commission (NMC) and is affiliated with BFUHS, Faridkot, admitting 100 students annually into the MBBS course.


NMC Recognition: The institution is duly recognised by the National Medical Commission for the 100 seats of the MBBS course as well as the 19 broad specialty and 9 super specialty courses.


MBBS course: In the MBBS course, 100 students are admitted every year through the NEET. Admission is conducted on merit by the Baba Farid University of Health Sciences (BFUHS), Faridkot, Punjab.

MD/MS Postgraduate courses: The College is duly recognised for the following courses:


1.    Anatomy (MS)

2.    Biochemistry (MD)

3.    Physiology (MD)

4.    Pharmacology (MD)

5.    Microbiology(MD)

6.    Pathology (MD)

7.    Immuno-Hematology & Blood Transfusion (MD)

8.    Community Medicine (MD)

9.    Ophthalmology (MS)

10.  Otorhinolaryngology (MS)

11.  Medicine (MD)

12.  Dermatology & STD (MD)

13.  Psychiatry(MD)

14.  Orthopedics (MS)

15.  Anesthesiology (MD)

16.  Radio-Diagnosis (MD)

17.  Obstetrics & Gynecology (MS)

18.  Pediatrics (MD)

19.  Surgery (MS)


PG admissions are done on merit by Baba Farid University of Health Sciences.



DM/MCh Postgraduate courses: We offer the following 9 Superspeciality courses recognized by NMC.


1. Cardiology (DM)


2. Medical Gastroenterology (DM)


3. Neurology (DM)


4. Critical Care Medicine (DM)


5. Nephrology (DM)


6. Neuro Surgery (MCh)


7. Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery (MCh)


8. Plastic Surgery (MCh)


9. Urology (MCh)


All the admissions are done on merit by central allocation through MCC.


DMC&H College of Nursing is recognized by Indian Nursing Council (INC).

We offer the following courses:

·         BSc Nursing                           (100 Seats)

·         M.Sc Nursing                          (25 Seats)

·         Medical Surgical Nursing

·         Obstetric & Gynaecological Nursing

·         Child Health (Paediatric) Nursing

·         Mental Health (Psychiatric) Nursing

·         Community Health Nursing

·         Nurse Practitioner in Critical Care (NPCC)                                       (10 Seats)


All the admissions are done by Baba Farid University of Health Sciences on merit


Paramedical courses: The following degree and diploma courses are approved by BFUHS.

Degree Courses


1          B.Sc. Anatomy, Physiology & Biochemistry 

2          B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology*        

3          B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology

4          B.Sc. Cardiac Technology    

5          B.Sc. Medical Radiography & Imaging Technology 

6          B.Sc. Anesthesia Technology

7          Bachelor of Optometry (Ophthalmic Techniques) **

8          B.Sc. Perfusion Technology  

9          B.Sc. Emergency Responder

10        B.Sc. Dialysis Technician                  

11        B.Sc. Intensive Care Unit      

12        B.Sc. Medical Transcription  

13        B.Sc. Orthopedic Assistant & Plaster Technology    

Diploma Courses                  


1          Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology   

2          Diploma in Ophthalmic Techniques  

3          Diploma in Hospital Documentation & Record Keeping       

4          Diploma in Burns & Plastic Surgery Techniques      

5          Diploma in Intensive Care Unit Techniques  

6          Diploma in First Aid and Emergency Care    

7          Diploma in Urological Techniques     

8          Diploma in Neurosurgical Techniques           

9          Diploma in Haemato-oncology & Bone Marrow Transplantation Techniques          

10        Diploma in Neurophysiology Techniques      


* Including 6 months internship                       

** Including 1 year internship


MPhil (Clinical Psychology): The course commenced with an allocation of 5 seats per year, duly approved by the Rehabilitation Council of India and BFUHS

Ph.D. (Public Health - Neurosciences) and other specialty course recognized by BFUHS.



Historically, DMC&H was the first hospital in the state of Punjab to set up a dialysis unit under the Nephrology service in the year 1980. Since then, several other super-specialties have been added. At present, the following super-specialties are providing the most modern and advanced care to the patients:


1.    Cardiology 

2.    Endocrinology 

3.    Medical Gastroenterology 

4.    Nephrology 

5.    Neurology 

6.    Critical Care Medicine 

7.    Medical Oncology 

8.    Immunology & Rheumatology 

9.    Cardiothoracic and Vascular surgery 

10.  Neurosurgery 

11.  Surgical Gastroenterology   

12.  Pediatric Surgery

13.  Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery (including micro-vascular surgery)

14.  Surgical Oncology

15.  Urology (Including Kidney Transplant)

16.  Bone Marrow Transplant 

17.  Radiation Oncology 

18.  Nuclear Medicine 

19.  IVF Centre 

All these disciplines are managed by highly qualified doctors who have at their disposal the latest sophisticated diagnostic and treatment facilities. At present, there are more than 50 super-specialists (DM/MCh) in the faculty.

Investigative Facilities:

The prominent state of the art investigative facilities available are:


1. 3 Telsa MRI scan


2. CT Scan (Siemens SOMATOM force (384 Slice) and Siemens SOMATOM Go.Up (64 Slice))


3. Ultrasonography


4. DEXA Scan


5. Doppler


6. Echocardiography


7. PET




9. Fiberoptic endoscopy including upper as well as lower GI Scopes


10. Capsule endoscopy


11. ERCP


12. Fibroscan


13. Hysteroscope and Peritoneoscope


14. EEG (including video EEG)


15. EMG


16. Somatosensory Evoked Response Testing


17. Echocardiography


17. Echocardiography


18. TMT


19. Electrocardiography


20. Bronchoscopy


21. PFT


22. Sleep Lab


23. Biochemical Auto analyzers


24. Blood Gas analyzer


25. Auto cell counter


26. Automated culture machines


27. PCR and Film Array


28. Genetic Lab

Facilities & Services

DMC&H is the only institution in North India, which has an entire floor of Intensive Care Units (ICUs) with 101 beds incorporating all the critical care areas are available as listed below:


1. Gastroenterology ICU


2. Medical ICU


3. Surgery ICU


4. Neurosurgery ICU


5. Stroke ICU


6. Pulmonary Critical Care Unit (PCCU)


7. Pediatric and Neonatal ICU


8. Burn ICU


9. Trauma ICU


10. Emergency ICU


11. Obstetrics and Gynecology ICU


Special care facilities for Burns, Neonates, Thalassemia and Cancer patients. (Including ICU and day care)



Since April 1, 2001, the Hero DMC Heart Institute has been dedicated to providing comprehensive care for the prevention, detection, and treatment of heart disorders. Presently, we offer an expanded array of services, leveraging the latest and most sophisticated technology. The Hero DMC Heart Institute (a unit of DMC & Hospital), a 190-bed hospital, spans approximately one lakh square feet. It features central air conditioning and stands as one of the premier Heart Institutes in North India, established to deliver world-class cardiac care facilities. Our commitment is upheld by a dedicated team of Cardiologists, Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgeons, and Cardiac Anesthetists. Additionally, the institute benefits from the support of super-specialty services provided at Dayanand Medical College & Hospital.



·         190 Total beds                          

·         100 ICCU beds                          

·         68 General Ward beds                          

·         16 Private Rooms                          

·         02 Cath Labs                           

·         04 Operation Theatres                           

·         ECMO                          


·         24 hours emergency                           

·         Fully equipped ambulance service with IABP facility                          

·         Invasive cardiology                          

·         Electrophysiology (EP) Laboratory                          

·         Non-invasive cardiology                          

·         Cardiac diagnostics                          

·         Electrocardiogram                          

·         Echocardiogram                          

·         Treadmill test (TMT)                          

·         Cardiac CT scan                          

·         Cardiac MRI scan                          

·         Cardiac PET scan                          

·         24 hours Cath Lab facilities                          

·         Cardiothoracic surgeries                          

·         Valve surgeries                          

·         All kinds of device therapy, physiological pacing, AICD, biventricular pacemaker                          

·         Total arterial coronary bypass surgery                          

·         Vascular surgery & interventions including TEVAR                          

·         Interventional valve procedure including TAVI                          

·         Emergency surgery for aortic dissection                           

·         ECMO- extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for sick patients                          

·         In-house 24x7 pharmacy                          



The DMC&H Cancer Care Centre offers patients a wide variety of comprehensive cancer treatment options with specialties in medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, bone marrow transplant (BMT), nuclear oncology, and other specialties. The Centre has a full range of cancer care services, including screening, diagnostics, and comprehensive treatment options.

Compassionate Care- A Standard of Excellence


The most important component of cancer treatment for patients is planning their course of care. The tumor boards provide each patient the best care possible treatment. Preventive oncology is a crucial aspect of community health. Immunization, screening for common cancers, cancer education and awareness are part of the cancer preventive strategy used at the Centre. Those with terminal diseases benefit from palliative care, a type of specialized medical care available with the centre. It focuses on easing the symptoms and stress associated with end-stage cancer. It enhances both the patient's and the family's quality of life.

The DMC&H cancer care team consists of qualified medical specialists, surgeons, nurses, technicians, social workers, and other experts who are working together to provide a higher level of assistance. In addition to pain management (with medications and nerve blocks), social help, dietary, and religious support is provided individualized to patient needs. Cross consultation with the specialists is offered as part of our wide variety of general and specialist medical services, ensuring that every patient receives excellent care

Unique facilities we provide at DMC&H Cancer Care Centre:

·         Standard Cancer chemotherapy treatment (Precision cancer Chemotherapy, Targeted therapy)                          

·         Extensive and advanced Surgical Cancer Care                          

·         Advanced Radiation Oncology services (Brachytherapy, External Beam radiation therapy)                          

·         Adult and Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT), special unit only for Blood Cancers                          

·         Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine imaging techniques (PET CT Scan)                          


·         133 Total beds                          

·         4 Emergency beds                          

·         9 ICU beds                          

·         7 HDU beds                          

·         3 Bone Marrow Transplant units                          

·         8 Recovery beds                          

·         27 Surgical Oncology beds                          

·         26 Medical Oncology beds                          

·         15 Private Rooms                          

·         30 Day Care beds                          

·         04 Operation Theatres                           


·         24 hours emergency                           

·         Fully equipped ambulance service                          

·         Brachytherapy                           

·         PET CT                          

·         True Beam Radiation                          

·         Halcyon E Advanced Radiotherapy                           

·         In house 24x7 Pharmacy                          



DMC&H Research & Development Centre was inaugurated on Sept. 21st 2013 by Dr. A V Chainulu, Director Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. The need to conduct research pertaining to health problems of one society which are different from other regions led to the existence of R&D.

The key areas of research are hypertension, coronary artery disease, Neurocysticercosis, celiac disease and Hepatitis C virus. Other areas which need to be focused upon are, diabetes dengue fever and common poisonings like celphos poisoning.

The institute is a part of ICMR- INTENT network actively involved in research. The ethics committee is NABH accredited. The institute contributes to all National Health Programs including adverse effect report for medicine and devices

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