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Biochemistry Department

.Overview of Department of Biochemistry

Biochemistry is one of the cornerstones of medical services offered to the patients. Previously started as a branch of Pathology and Physiology, it now has carved the niche for itself amongst the diagnostic services. The clinical lab started its journey in 1970s with complete manual testing of analytes. The department had its first significant presence in terms of automation in clinical lab back in 1993 when arterial blood gas analysis was started. In 1996, the department got its first fully automated routine biochemistry analyzer (Boehringer Manheim 911). Another feather in the cap was added in 2002, when Electrochemiluminescence based tests were started.

The department started its journey with stalwarts like Dr. Thind from PGI and Dr Kundan Singh. Later the baton was passed on to Dr APS Narang from SKIMS, Srinagar. It was in 2006 when Dr Navjot Kaur Bajwa, MD Biochemistry took charge as Professor and Head. Since then, the department has progressed immensely both in the academic and clinical sector and never looked back.

The Department of Clinical Biochemistry now is a state-of-the-art medical testing laboratory equipped with fully automated analyzers from companies of international repute to ensure quality results in minimum time. The Biochemistry lab runs 24* 7 and caters to about 6 lakh samples per annum. The Lab offers its services to Out-patient department as well as to In-patients. It ensures high quality results by enrolling in external quality control programmes by Biorad and Randox. The lab is run by expert consultants in the field as well as trained biochemists and technicians to provide uninterrupted services.

Key Features:

·        The clinical chemistry laboratory has fully automated analyser’s for routine testing such as Beckman Coulter AU- 5800, Roche Cobas 6000 and 8000, ThermoFischerPhadia 250 and Bio-Rad D10.

·        The lab also has latest technology E-CLIA (Electrochemiluminescence:by fully automated Immunoanalyser Roche e411 and e601)and CLIA(Chemiluminescence by Beckman coulter Access2)for hormonal assays, vitamins, Tumor markers, antibodies and other specialized tests.

·        The lab is equipped with ABG (arterial blood gas) analyser by Werfen (IL)

·        The lab also provides TDM (therapeutic drug monitoring) and DOA (drug of abuse) testing for various drugs

·        We provide complete biochemical testing panels for diseases such as diabetes, multiple myeloma, endocrinal disorders, neurological disorders, oncology profiles, cardiology profile, gastroenterology profiles etc. 

·        Recently, the lab has been equipped with Leadcare II (for estimation of lead in blood) and New Born Screening for inborn metabolic disorders in newborns

Special activities:

·        The department hosted the 27thNational Conference of association of Medical Biochemists of India (AMBICON) in 2019 with Dr. Navjot Bajwa as the organizing chairperson.

·      The department organized workshops on Cytogenetics, DNA genotyping and Plasma dyscrasias for Biochemistry PG’s and faculty from all over India in AMBICON 2019

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