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Pathology Department


Pathology is the backbone of any good teaching hospital and fortunately, we have a strong backbone in the form highly competent & dedicated staff looking after fully automated and computerized Pathology department.


Past Splendour

 In the past, department has been steered by stalwarts like Dr.P.N.Bawa, Dr.G.B.Singh and Dr.B.R.Prabhakar. 

 In 1973, Dr.B.D.Sabharwal took over the reins of the department and it was under his stewardship that the department got its Postgraduate status with intake of its first batch of P.G. students.

Dr.V.Malhotra took over as head in 1997 and the MCI recognition of the postgraduate course was obtained in 1997.

To her credit is the setting up of fully developed and standardized Cytopathology, Immunopathology and Immunohistochemistry labs.

Dr NeenaSood became the head in 2013 and led the department to further automation advancements including

automatic staining and processing units in histopathology, flowcytometry in immunohematology and automatic immunohistochemistry


Present Glory

Dr Harpreet Kaur took over the reins of Department in 2021. She is a dedicated academician with years of teaching experience in histopathology ( especially neuropathology). The department is aiming to be one of the sought out institutes in pathology related services under her leadership especially in the field of oncopatholog

Facilities available



·         Haemogram complete

·         ESR (Automated)

·         Peripheral blood smear examination

·         Peripheral blood film for malarial parasite & others

·         Reticulocyte count (Automated)

·         Bleeding Time & Clotting Time

·         PT  with INR

·         APTT

·         Factor VIII assay

·         D-Dimer (Automated)

·         Protein-C estimation

·         Protein-S estimation

·         Fibrinogen Quantitative

·         Mixing studies for coagulation

·         G6PD-Qualitative analysis

·         Routine urine examination

·         Urine examination for Bile salts/Bile pigment/Urobilinogen

·         Urine test for pH, reducing substances, ketones

·         Urine for eosinophils, fat globules

·         Urine testfor Pregnancy-Qualitative & Quantitative

·         Semen analysis

·         Stool for occult blood, PH, reducing substance and fat.


·         Bone marrow aspiration with special stains

·         Bone marrow biopsy

·         Plasma haemoglobin

·         Fetal haemoglobin

·         Osmotic fragility test

·         LAP score

·         Sickling test

·         Urine haemoglobin

·         Flow cytometry for Lymphoma/Leukemia workup including Minimal Residual Disease (MRD),

HLA, CD-4 count, Stem cell count,

Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH).

·         Outside Bone marrow aspiration & Bone marrow biopsy slides for opinion


·         Biopsies: Trucut/Endoscopic/Curettings

·         Surgical specimens- small, medium and large  including cancer surgeryspecimens

·         Frozen sections

·         Autopsy (Neonatal & Adult)

·         Outside histopathology slides &blocks for opinion



·         FNAC (Direct & Image guided)

·         All body fluids for cytology

·         All body fluids for malignant cells

·         PAP smear-Conventional

·         PAP smear-Liquid Based Cytology (LBC)

·         Exfoliative Cytology-Brush Cytology/Scrapings/Imprint Cytology

·         Cell Block

·         Outside cytology slides for opinion




·         IHC Diagnosis Panel for tumors

·         IHC with Histopathology

·         IHC for CMV

·         EBR ISH for EBV

·         Direct Immunofluorescence for kidney & skin biopsies

·         Indirect Immunofluorescence assay for ANA, ANCA, EMA, AMA, LKM, ASMA

·         Serum protein electrophoresis & Immunofixation

·         ELISA for ANA & ds- DNA, ANCA

·         High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)

·         Rheumatoid Factor  (Qualitative & Quantitative)



Departmental Achievements- The Department has organized five conferences including two international conferences in the year 2000 & 2005. The department has trained 58 Postgraduate students who all are well placed in various medical colleges. The department is judged as the best non clinical teaching department based on student feedback. It is providing round the clock services.


Future vision


-                      A state of art cancer detection centre.

-                      100% certified test results.

-                      A molecular lab equipped with high ended instruments like flow cytometry.

-                      Stem cell research.

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